Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick hits

  • I'm sorry, you get in a fist fight outside the family room where wives and kids are waiting you don't deserve any sympathy. K-Rod is an immature jerk.
  • In the last 6 games the Yankees have scored twenty seven runs. Twenty six of them coming in just 3 of those games. Talk about feast or famine.
  • All this Jet mania is fine, but has everyone forgotten they lost 6 of 7 mid-season and won their last two against teams that pulled their starters.
  • Now there are rumors Melo may go to the Nets to play in Brooklyn. Who put this curse on the Knicks? Don't worry though, Isiah is available anytime old Chucky Dolan calls. 
  • What has happened to the Giants pass rush? 
  • Six weeks to hockey season and I still don't see how the Rangers have improved themselves.
  • If the Devils were allowed to sign Kovalcuck for 20 years and he scored 50 goals next year, would he sit out to renegotiate a contract extension?
  • Isles could be the most improved team this year if the kids start coming of age. Of course they do not need to win many games to be considered most improved.

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