Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick hits

  • Why does anyone out there believe that the Mets are more then a 500 team? I keep hearing all these stunned fans on the radio. They have mediocre talent. The ownership knows it. That is why they did not bring anyone in at the trade deadline. This team needs more then one player. The overhaul starts at seasons end.
  • Someone will have to become a shut down starter if the Yankees want to repeat, Right now Sabbathia is not getting it done.  Petite was probably their best pitcher this year and no one knows how he will return from the injury. 
  • Has anyone seen Darrelle Revis? Anyone?
  • Has anyone found the Giants defense? It disappeared around the midway point of last season.
  • All Knick fans, hang in one more year. Melo is on the way.  
  • Is Amar'e Stoudrmire really that much of an upgrade over David Lee? If you look at the numbers I don't see a big difference here. 
  • I heard after Brooklyn the Nets are moving to Moscow.
  • When does hockey season start. I am starting to go through withdrawals.      

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