Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick Hits

  • The Knicks hiring Isiah Thomas back is like Custer inviting the Indians back to Little Bighorn.
  • The Yankees get a split against the Sox they are fine. Anything more is gravy.
  • Mets need 2 of 3 at the very least.
  • When did R.A. Dickey become unhittable? The guy is a journeyman pitcher who has had little major league success.
  • The Rangers added Alexander Frolov last week. Another 20 goal scorer with no physical game. 
  • Why would Gary Bettman think that Ilya Kovalcuk can't play till 44? Maybe the Devs are abandoning their youth movement.
  • Thierrry Henry is the real deal. He still has plenty of game left.  But Marquez might be the more important signing. Like most sports, successful clubs in soccer all have one thing in common, good defense. Marquez is a very good defender.
  • Good new for Jints that Hakeem Nicks is OK. He could be looking at a breakout year.
  • Now come on  guys, has anybody seen Darrelle Revis? Anybody? How helpful is it for Jet management, who are trying to negotiate a deal, that Ryan claims Revis can come back the day before the season begins and still start, brilliant Rex, just brilliant.

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